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Millions are spent every year on advertising jobs on various media. One is spoilt for choice in terms of what medium to advertise in. However, none of these media can claim they capture all the relevant targets for a particular job. When this fails, one ends up using recruitment firms to speed up a hiring process that is possibly going nowhere and very often the process is much less efficient than what it could be... [more]

Latest Jobs

VP and associate level Compliance roles HK/Singapore

A client is seeking to hire a VP and associate level contractors who are experienced Compliance professionals. Case lead experience, KYC and AML are all experience requirements which would be relevant to the role. Focus in role shall be on KYC and AML. Compensation shall be very competitive. [details]
Life Insurance Product Specialist london/Frankfurt/Zurich

A private equity firm is seeking to hire a person who understands Life insurance and assurance products. How to build and structure them and how to value them. The work will involve evaluations of portfolios of assets which might be acquired and understanding whether the portfolios have underlying risks... [details]
DMA/ BROKER Business Architect

A fast-growing broker/Investment bank is in the process of rolling out a state of the art international DMA/Utlra Low latency platform. The right candidate would effectively document the required procedures and design the right processes working as a bridge between the business and the software development... [details]
Investor relations/fund raising Frankfurt/Zurich/London/NY

A start-up private equity firm is looking to hire professionals who have experience doing fund-raising for private equity funds. The idea is to build a small unit which would eventually grow as the firm develops. A person with a wide geographic range of relationships would be ideal. Any relationships... [details]
Head of Project Management Office

An experienced PMO leader who has extensive experience working within Ultra low latency DMA platforms is being sought to work for a Moscow Based company which is seeing to build a state of the art brokerage firm. The management includes very experienced individuals who have previously built two extremely... [details]

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