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Millions are spent every year on advertising jobs on various media. One is spoilt for choice in terms of what medium to advertise in. However, none of these media can claim they capture all the relevant targets for a particular job. When this fails, one ends up using recruitment firms to speed up a hiring process that is possibly going nowhere and very often the process is much less efficient than what it could be... [more]

Latest Jobs

Top notch equity sales to UK clients

Our client has an established boutique platform and is open to consider hiring an experienced research sales person who has top notch access to select UK buy-side clients. Due to an existing team, the coverage would need to be complimentary with existing client gaps. An attractive remuneration structure... [details]
Benelux Clients - European Equity sales

Our client is seeking to add an experience person to a European sales team. The right person would have a good access to institutional clients across the Benelux which are active in the European equity markets. The size of the company would require the person to have excellent access and relationships... [details]
French client coverage Equity Sales

Our client is seeking to start building a French client segment which has until now not been developed. The right person would be ideally a native French speaker and have strong relationships with select clients across all three tiers. The product coverage shall be a European one with some interesting... [details]
Banks analyst

Our client is seeking to hire a banks analyst specializing on non-UK Banks, ideally focusing on the larger continental european names. Excellent buy-side relationships ideally within the UK/US client segment and also top notch access to management within the companies covered are key requirements. An... [details]
Capital Goods

Our client is seeking an experienced Cap. Goods specialist with experience covering European stocks within Electricals and engineering Cap Goods. The right candidate would have excellent access to institutional clients ideally across UK/US clients and furthermore have a solid access to important... [details]

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